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Everything has a season, a time to build new and a time to sell. The same is true with schools. Though many schools buildings are wonderful homes for education for fifty or a hundred years, most schools at some point will outgrow their current building and need to relocate, or their leadership finds that their time has passed and decide to cease operation. We are dedicated to representing owners when they decide to sell their education buildings, whatever the reason.


Stephen, allow me to compliment you. You are a great land broker. You fought for every penny for your client, the Nixon Family and made sure I knew it. You protected their interested and served them well, but always as the buyer, I felt that you treated me equally with respect and an appreciation for my view point throughout the many months of negotiations. I know that we still have three years of processing before the Nixon Farm is a Centex community and that we will be working closely together to make that happen, but I think we should celebrate the contract signing of a $17,000,000 land contract with a beer. Your treat!
Robert Larkin
Director of Land Acquisition
Centex Homes

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We are the mid-Atlantic’s only real estate practice exclusively focused on the sale of schools, colleges, day care/nursery schools, charter schools, religious properties, trade schools, and summer camps.

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You may have questions like 'How long does it take to sell a school?' and 'Why?', or 'How do I market our school for sale?'; Learn More about how we can help you buy or sell an educational property.

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Our team of seasoned real estate professionals all have many years of working with buyers and sellers of  educational properties.  We look forward to assisting your needs whether you are a buyer or a seller.

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Let's face it selling a school that seats 200 or a college campus that accommodates 5000 isn’t what most people think of when they think of real estate brokerage.  It takes trained, experienced real estate professionals who have dedicated their careers to representing school owners when they need to sell their school. We learned years ago that selling a school isn’t a one person process.  Consequently we offer a team approach when selling your school.  By utilizing multiple real estate professionals servicing your assignment, we are able to offer unparalleled customer service and a smooth sales process.

Valuation of a school is always difficult. Schools are expensive to construct in every respect from the cost of the land, the fees paid for professionals representing architecture, engineering, legal, even traffic consultants to the fixtures, furniture and equipment required to transform your building into an educational campus or school.   We understand construction costs and are able to utilize this knowledge in evaluating the value of your property.  We work with you to educate you as to the fair market value for your property.   Unfortunately, many times the resale value of your complex will be less than the replacement costs of your property.

If you need to place your school for sale, please call us for a no obligation opinion of value and marketing strategy.