School Property Management

Our team of property management professionals can handle any problem associated with the repair, clean up, or general property management of your school while we are in the sales and marketing phase should you not have on-site property management capabilities.

We have handled the day to day property management of school properties as well as been real problem solvers when we've been ask to do so.

Examples of our property management experience:

Plaster, Paint & Polish

In 2014, after attempting to auction a special needs school three times and listing it with several other brokerages over three years, the SchoolBrokers team was interviewed by a bank that had taken back the property.   After evaluating the condition of the property, our leadership team recommended that our property management group complete a comprehensive clean up and repair of the site prior to beginning our marketing program. Though the majority of the 14 acre campus showed very well, we learned that buyers lost interest after they toured the administration building which was built in 1790 and was covered in peeling paint, missing plaster and holes in the floors.  Our examination showed that the damage to this building was mainly cosmetic and that structurally; the building was in good repair.  We repaired severe plaster damage to several ceilings and a stairwell, removed all of the drywall & acoustical ceiling tiles from several basement classrooms that were covered in layers of mold, replaced several pieces of rotted lumber and properly prepared and painted the entire building.  We next cleaned the exterior grounds of debris, and overgrowth.  Finally we power washed all of the buildings to let them show their charm.  With the property looking appealing and attractive, we had multiple tours of the property and had it under contract in 120 days.  The cost for our property management services $21,000.

Copper & Cash

While leadership was deciding what was next in the life of a recently closed school and church, vandals struck.  Thieves stole the copper piping from both the plumbing and heating systems from the 30,000 s.f. complex, flooded the basement, destroyed walls and furnishings removed electrical panels and wiring and in the process of all this mayhem did in excess of $350,000 worth of damage.   Our property management group was hired to handle the insurance claim prior to being awarded the assignment to sell the property.  We worked on our client’s behalf to work with their insurance carrier to insure that they received the full benefit of their coverage.  We documented the damage, used our labor team to remove several dumpster loads of damaged and mildewed materials, hired and managed the electrical, plumbing and HVAC firms to make necessary repairs to these systems. Next, we used our team to repair the damaged walls and repaint the entire complex.  Finally, we thoroughly cleaned and polished the floors and re-carpeted all of the offices.   Once the property was back to showing condition, we completed an aggressive marketing campaign, had multiple showings of the complex and had it contract contract in 90 days. The cost for our property management services  $25,000.

Nice & Tidy

SchoolBrokers was hired to sell a closed Catholic School with a 60 acre campus. This property showed well, however each classroom was adorned with a religious painting and a crucifix which did not present well with a more secular buyer. With the owner’s approval, our team removed each of the crucifixes, paintings, and religious statuary located throughout the 60,000 s.f. campus and after wrapping them in bubble wrap and shipping paper transported them to an offsite warehouse owned by the client.  The owner subsequently retained us to handle grounds maintenance – both grass cutting and snow removal while the property was being marketed. The cost for our property management services was $1200 per grass cutting.